The breeze was warm and the heat caught hold of you.

Your heart was beating and the music was resounding as it began to carry through.

The same will be told for a story unseen.

Absence of one, the thought of another, things are not what they seem.

There is more to the book, those are not lies.

She has not a solo soul, but pieces that she has been prized.

There is not a fortune that is to be told, you see, the strings are aligned.

With her eyes slightly closed she reflects calm and empty, she can see into your mind.

Don’t be afraid, don’t walk away.

There is something to be said about the way you feel today.

There is a hunger, it is not pain.

You can feel the mental connection, don’t think you’re insane.

Come to the water, drink from the well.

Watch as the stream does not hold back or go away, to its beauty you have fell.

Gaze as a river moves over and around.

There is nothing in the way, serenity can be found.

© A. C. A. (aka Aletheia Dasein)


Run Free


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Run Free

Go to the water, dip your toes in, feel the energy begin to surround your feet. Close your eyes…your mind…and let the movement take hold. Slip into the space, let it carry you and present to you the path of which your feet will run free…as the water between your toes.

 © A. C. A. (aka Aletheia Dasein)

I Am Forever

I love to write poems and lyrics. I love to share my feelings of love and inspirations. But right now I do not have that for you. I ask you to not leave me because right now I do not give you the beautiful words that you crave. Don’t dismiss me because I do not give off that light you desire. I am more than light.

I am dark. I am the shadow of your dreams and the creeping sun that sneaks upon your thoughts. Do not dismiss my shine. I am not of your imagination, I am real and I am there to surround you. Your thoughts. Your vibrations. I am you. Can you feel me? I am not a poem. I am not a lyric. I am your soul and you will never let me go. I am forever.

© A. C. A. (aka Aletheia Dasein)

The Call


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11051870_569157169905783_5972473808348567413_nThe Call

She hears the whispers in her ears,

the voices she has kept away for years.

Telling her the time is now,

the vocals rise and its hard to block out.

Closing her eyes, bowing her head,

going over the choices that made her bed.

Softly slowly spinning round,

her heart feels heavy as she falls to the ground.

Louder stronger their beat keeps on,

telling her that she is strong.

Her every breath finds a deep pit,

that grips at her chest and sticks in her hips.

Rain begins to coat her thighs,

it pours down on her from the crying sky.

The whispers-the taunting begin to fade,

as the voices begin to drown and go away.

The heavens rain down and she stands up tall,

she heard the voices, the pain, the way – her call.

© A. C. A. (aka Aletheia Dasein)

The beautiful picture is the work of Sun Gazing!

The Ache


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The Ache

Swelling up within its shell – the soul aches to be free

Free to float and envelope the being it has lain with, dwelled within

To rise up in a mist from every pore, circling and diving in and out

Can you feel it? It’s beckoning you, pulling at you like the moon

It wants you to let go, it doesn’t want to leave – it just wants to be

© A. C. A. (aka Aletheia Dasein)

If you only knew me


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If you only knew me

Knew my silly thoughts…

they like to run wild and play cards, but rarely show their hand

If you knew the way I think of you…

your sound and presence, it’s like the perfect imprint

If you knew how my mind wraps up in a ball…

throwing out and hiding intentions, leaving small clues

Knew how much the me you know is gone the moment you find me…

longing to be found, alone is safe

If you knew how to crawl into my space…

you would find how warm I can be, being just me

If you knew the how gravity has set in on me…

pulling at me, binding me to you

If you only knew me

© A. C. A. (aka Aletheia Dasein)

*Seeking to find the spaces within the spaces and dropping intentions with love, admiration and respect for all.* ~A. C. A.

Picture does not belong to me, it’s beauty belongs to Sun Gazing

Words Hurt


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Words Hurt

Trying to ignore the the words that you wrote, trying to rise above the hate that you spoke.

Feeling the squeeze, makes me want to fall to my knees, my hands on my scalp trying to get those words out.

It feels like a bad dream, I try to wake, but I just hear my scream.

Your lies have ripped at my core, violated my being, crushed my soul and left it helpless on the floor.

Desperately trying to make sense of your hate, trying to grasp why you would treat any human this way.

Sticks and stones may hurt these bones, but those words will forever haunt me.

© A. C. A. (aka Aletheia Dasein)

May is Mental Health Awareness Month -#MentalHealth #StopBullying #StopCyberBullies

Feeling It All


Feeling It All

She stood on the sand and felt all her problems beneath her feet, one grain at a time…she begins to sink.


She pulls herself up and steps onto the ground before her, the pavement hard and unforgiving, pushing upon the soles of her feet.

Her problems melding together.

So cold, so hard…

She begins to run, the ground changes beneath her, still there ever present, she cannot out run it.


She sees a river, she closes her eyes and jumps in. The water embraces her skin, hugs her soul.

Wrapping around her body and then moving on, she doesn’t resist.

She floats…free…

© A. C. A. (aka Aletheia Dasein)

*The picture in post does not belong to me, I don’t know the original artist or I would give credit. ❤

I Use to Hate You with All My Love


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fall girl

I Use to Hate You with All My Love ©

I use to hate you with all my love.


My life was broken, my spirit was crushed.

The day you decided he was worth more than us.


I use to hate you with all my love.

I use to cry at the thought of you without me.

I use to hurt with every memory of what I went through.


You were a toxin that burned my soul.

The marks you left there will never grow old.


I use to hate you with all my love.

I use to die a little each day remembering you and me that way.

I use to crawl through the boundaries of my skin, hating you more then I hated him.


You were the light that made my dark night bright.

The sound of your voice would release all my fright.


I use to hate you with all my love.

I use to crave your arms around me, telling me you’ll never leave.

I use to dream of a time, that you were here and your heart was mine.


The day he hurt me, I will never retrieve.

The light from my soul that he took I will forever grieve.


I use to hate you with all my love.

I use to hate him for taking me and you.

I use to run from my mind and every thought of you.


At my door angst awaits, on the steps it takes it’s shape.

I will not turn it away, I will let it in and I not be afraid.


I use to hate you with all my love.

I use to…


Now I love you with all and no hate.

Forgiveness is a beautiful thing.


I use to hate you with all my love.


© A. C. A. (aka Aletheia Dasein)

*The picture in post does not belong to me, I don’t know the original artist or I would give credit. It’s lovely.