The breeze was warm and the heat caught hold of you.

Your heart was beating and the music was resounding as it began to carry through.

The same will be told for a story unseen.

Absence of one, the thought of another, things are not what they seem.

There is more to the book, those are not lies.

She has not a solo soul, but pieces that she has been prized.

There is not a fortune that is to be told, you see, the strings are aligned.

With her eyes slightly closed she reflects calm and empty, she can see into your mind.

Don’t be afraid, don’t walk away.

There is something to be said about the way you feel today.

There is a hunger, it is not pain.

You can feel the mental connection, don’t think you’re insane.

Come to the water, drink from the well.

Watch as the stream does not hold back or go away, to its beauty you have fell.

Gaze as a river moves over and around.

There is nothing in the way, serenity can be found.

© Amanda C. Acklin (aka Aletheia Dasein)