Throwback Thursday! Today I was reminded of this poem and wanted to share.

Soul Carries

11051870_569157169905783_5972473808348567413_nThe Call

She hears the whispers in her ears,

the voices she has kept away for years.

Telling her the time is now,

the vocals rise and it’s hard to block out.

Closing her eyes, bowing her head,

going over the choices that made her bed.

Softly slowly spinning around,

her heart feels heavy as she falls to the ground.

Louder stronger their beat keeps on,

telling her that she is strong.

Her every breath finds a deep pit,

that grips at her chest and sticks in her hips.

Rain begins to coat her thighs,

it pours down on her from the crying sky.

The whispers-the taunting begin to fade,

as the voices begin to drown and go away.

The heavens rain down and she stands up tall,

she heard the voices, the pain, the way – her call.

© A. C. A. (aka Aletheia Dasein)

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