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If you only knew me

Knew my silly thoughts…

they like to run wild and play cards, but rarely show their hand

If you knew the way I think of you…

your sound and presence, it’s like the perfect imprint

If you knew how my mind wraps up in a ball…

throwing out and hiding intentions, leaving small clues

Knew how much the me you know is gone the moment you find me…

longing to be found, alone is safe

If you knew how to crawl into my space…

you would find how warm I can be, being just me

If you knew the how gravity has set in on me…

pulling at me, binding me to you

If you only knew me

© A. C. A. (aka Aletheia Dasein)

*Seeking to find the spaces within the spaces and dropping intentions with love, admiration and respect for all.* ~A. C. A.

Picture does not belong to me, it’s beauty belongs to Sun Gazing